Libby-Tozier School
Melanie Lessard
School Nurse
Sabattus Primary School
Jody Gray RN, BSN
School Nurse
Pre-K- K Screening Welcome Letter
Asthma action plan
Inhaler self carry contract
Allergy action plan
Epi pen self carry contract
Tooth Protectors is excited to share this link to their online permission form.
  • Once the permission form is complete it is sent directly to Tooth Protectors
  • There are mandatory fields that MUST be filled in, before the form can be submitted. 
  • Allows parents to quickly and easily attach a picture of their dental insurance card to the form.
  • Upon completing the E Permission Form of students who selected to Self Pay, there is an option to pay by credit card.
Tooth protectors permission form
Immunization Letter
Annual immunization exemption form
Inhaler self admin contract
Epi pen self admin contract