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Libby-Tozier School


As a child, I always looked ahead and pictured myself teaching first grade. I continued with this goal until reaching my sophomore year at the University of Maine at Farmington. I took one Technology in Education course and was hooked! I switched my concentration to math/computer science and never looked back.


After graduating from UMF in 2000, I accepted my first job in MSAD #49. I spent 4 years teaching computer science classes to K-6th graders. I then accepted a job in my home district, RSU #74, and continued with computer science instruction. I wrote multiple grants to support creating a robotics program, communicating with a classroom in Cameroon, Africa (the grant purchased a generator for them to use to power the laptop we were skyping through), and beginning some coding activities with grade k and up. 


Over the next 13 years, my job in RSU #74 evolved. I went from direct instruction to more of a technology coaching model. My love of data led to roles on multiple leadership teams. In my final year in RSU #74, I wore many hats (curriculum coordinator, adult ed director, assessment coordinator). One hat that I never planned to wear was that of k-8 principal. I was asked to step in to cover in an emergency setting. I was excited to leave my office space in our central office building and work with students again. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the role of principal. 


This experience made me realize that I wanted to remain in a principal position. I applied for a PK-8 principal position at the Kingfield Elementary School in MSAD #58 and began the next fall. In 2018, I saw a posting for a PK-2 principal position in RSU #4 and applied and was very excited to be offered the position. I have worked with students from age 0 (daycare director in Farmington in 1999) to 80 (adult ed. Teacher in RSU #74). I really enjoy working with PK-2 students. Seeing the excitement of learning new things, and the amazing speed in which students learn during those years is rewarding.



Jaime Ela - Principal
Sabattus Primary School
A pure Renaissance Man, Ben Wilson has had many experiences in the field of education. Starting with his departure from the medical field in 1996 as a laboratory assistant, he graduated the University of Maine at Farmington with a Bachelor's degree concentrating on Math and Computers. His first position was at a Mt. View Middle School, a small school located in Unity, Maine.. This is where Mr. Wilson took the time to develop a style of science education he called constructivist. These were two strong developmental years in his practice of teaching middle school students. Wanting to be closer to his love of the outdoors, Mr. Wilson moved his career to Tripp Middle School in Turner where he anchored the Wildcat team teaching ELA, Math and Science. As the newest member of the team, Mr. Wilson was able to spend nine years developing curriculum that led to cross curricular units tying the three content areas together. Ben has a love of athletics and while at Tripp, he coached the boys soccer team to six successful seasons becoming the Athletic Director there. As Mr. Wilson developed his classroom management system around students first he was asked to apply for the Assistant Principal's position when it become open. This was his start in Administration. Graduating the University of Southern Maine with a Masters degree in Education Leadership, Mr. Wilson took a position at Gardiner Middle School as the Assistant Principal. While there he kept working on his philosophy of "student first" management. He brought Restorative Practices and Positive Behaviors and Support to the community and reduced the number of suspensions from 713 a year down to 208. When the position of Assistant Principal at Oak Hill Middle School became available Mr. Wilson and his family, who live minutes from the school, decided that a move to OHMS was in there best interest. Four years later he was able to move into the position of Principal. With nine years as an assistant principal it has been an adventurous move but one that finds him happily challenged still working on developing and fine tuning a student first culture.
Ben Wilson - Principal